Sunday, September 30, 2012


The aging pillars were either being pulled apart or held together by rigid vines that either formed inside the cracks or created them. Spots of mold and moss grew heavy towards the bottoms of the mammoth structures and I remember believing that the mansion had once been submerged in the waters of a flooded lake not too distant from where the wedding was happening. Whether it was actually a wedding or some other gathering that required all the guests to be adorn expensive suits and dresses was inevitably irrelevant. Inside this heap of Gothic architecture the general atmosphere could only be described metaphorically by the appearance of those pillars.
Outside massive oak doors that lead to the main hall two families gathered and exchanged hostile glances as if they were two gangs of passive aggressive members. My father broke the long and awkward silence with threats of physical violence. It was at this point that I deduced this was supposed to be the wedding of my sister and her potential mate. I stood aside smoking while family members on both sides gave up their muttering insults under their breath and began to collide into an orgy of swearing and fists.
A few moments later my brother approached me and told me we needed to retrieve my sister's overnight bag so that she can leave. I lose him somewhere in a corridors of the mansion as he stops to watch the vines grow into the house itself and when I enter the room where my sister's bag is I find my an ex lover in bed with her best male friend. They are deep in the throws of passion and completely oblivious as I pull up a chair next to the bed. I stare at them for a while waiting for them to apologize but I notice that their roles are reversed and immediately grow disgusted with the entire sex act. There is not much detail within the room that I can recall but the overall tones are earthy and when I pull the bag from under the bed I remember there being something carved into the dark wood.
The two lovers quickly hide under the covers when they hear me reach for the bag and then toss it into the hallway. A sudden and righteous anger falls over me as they duck under the sheets as the sounds of the on-going violence outside pours in through the open window. With every intention of confronting them, I peel back the covers but neither party appears, instead I am looking down at the nude bodies of two beautiful yet terribly distorted women. One is headless and her near-perfect breasts are covered in acne, while the other stares up at me with milk-white eyes. I did what seemed sensible in this situation and laid down with them.
After trying to prevent the headless girl from covering her breasts as she was insecure about her skin blemishes, the other girl with her pale skin to match her pale eyes took my hand and lead me into a porcelain and marble bathroom. She began to squeeze my hand and pull me into a large bath tub with marijuana leaves floating on the surface of the scalding hot water. It took my body no time to adjust to the high temperature of the water or the fact that this strange woman had climbed on top of me kept my brain from registering that my skin was turning red from the heat. She placed me inside of her and as I lost myself into the ecstasy and perversions I kept my eyes fixated on my ex lover who watched from the doorway crying.  

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